Cross Device Report

What is Cross Device Report in Google Analytics?

What is Cross Device Report

The cross device tool gives information about data across of multiple devices with the help of cross device tool you can get better information about user interactions session.

Suppose you have a website and a user find a product on desktop and porches on mobile device on same day. Another user fined your product on desktop ad and clicked browses your site on a tablet the next day and returns to make a purchase on a mobile a week later.

The cross device report is very helpful for remarketing where you can understand the behavior of user and you can improve your campaign targeting.

Activate Google Signals by following the steps below

  • Sign in to Google Analytics
  • Click “GET STARTED” in the blue notification banner at the top of the page, or navigate to Property column > Tracking info > Data Collection and follow the prompt in the blue dialog.
  • Read the information about Google signals, and then click “CONTINUE.”
  • Activate Google signals.

What is Device Overlap?

Device overlap report show how many users engage with your content with difference device including desktop, mobile & tablet.  With the help of cross overlap, you can easily measure the proportion of user and devices.

What is Device Path?

In this section the devices report show the sequence of device categories used to engage your content. You can discover the ways user move between devices as they engage with your content and progress towards conversion.

What is Acquisition Device?

The Acquisition Device report consolidates attribution and traffic metrics so you can see the relationship between acquisition and conversion.

Limits of cross device report

  • User-ID views only display data for sessions in which a ID is sent to Analytics.
  • Users are calculated differently in User ID views.
  • The date range is limited to 90 days in the Cross Device reports.
  • Cross Device, reports are only available within a User-ID view.
  • Revenue is attributed differently in the Cross Device reports than in other reports.
  • The device categories in the Cross Device reports are defined by Analytics.
  • Different web browsers on the same device are counted as unique devices in the Cross Device reports.
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